Our technology

Deflectable guidewire

REAL-TIME deflectable tip

Our game-changing guidewire comprises a unique remotely-shapeable tip. The tip is actively controlled by an innovative handle providing maximum agility and precise control to the user.


The removable handle provides fast and reliable adjustments of the deflectable tip. Thanks to an innovative connection system, the handle can be removed and clamped back onto the guidewire indefinitely, at the location chosen by the user.


Our cutting-edge technology offers endless possibilities to access complex and distal neurovascular targets. Its unique coating enables seamless navigation and increased trackability through blood vessels.

Medical needs

Worldwide an estimated 12 million people suffer from Stroke every year. This brain disease often leads to death or severe disabilities.

Currently, the best remedy for stroke patients is based on minimally invasive X-ray guided interventions. However, this procedure can be very challenging as the access takes place in a dense network of tiny brain arteries with old-fashioned devices.

This causes physicians to lose a precious time before they can deliver a life-saving treatment. Artiria Medical was founded to address this strong medical need.

Use cases

Seamless navigation

Aneurysm coiling

Blood clot crossing

Never thought about direct in-situ reshaping?

Tired of continuously removing guidewire from the patient?

Ever been frustrated with bad tip shape retention?

Have you ever been limited with backloading devices?

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